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No matter how sweet and innocent Yua Aida may seem to you, I have to warn you that this Japanese schoolgirl is a little sex freak. To the point of insisting in being photographed only outdoors, so that people that pass by can see her tits and her pussy while she is posing for the camera.

If that isn’t a bit freaky, I don’t know what else. Of course, I don’t mind it at all. Actually, I’m quite happy that this hot piece of Japanese pussy is so uninhibited and open minded!


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December 27th, 2006
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I don’t know why, but every time I lay my eyes on the nude body of Yua Aida, I feel like she is exactly what my cock has been looking for. Granted, there are a ton other nude Asian models, but there is something about Yua Aida that I can’t pimpoint, and that drags me towards her. It could be that she looks just like a porcelain doll, or the fact that she is barely 18 years old, and even being so young, she is already showing her pussy and tits to her site visitors…

I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure that most of you guys have the same problem: Yua Aida turns your cock into solid wood!


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December 26th, 2006
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When a young Oriental girl is so open minded, that she enjoys being photographed topless, you have to admit that she is a rarity. Usually Asian chicks are kind of shy, but then you run into a babe like Yua Aida, who loves taking sun topless, and being photographed while she’s at it, and you gotta thank your good luck for the incredible oportunity that it is to have met her.

Of course, Yua Aida’s pictures cover more than just her pretty tits, but I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing her without her top, touching her soft nipples…


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December 14th, 2006
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I haven’t posted pictures of Yua Aida in the last couple of weeks, and I know that some of you guys resent me for it. Unfortunately I have been extremely busy planning my next trip to Japan, and haven’t had the time to go into Yua Aida‘s website to grab more pictures.

But, when I finally went in there today, all the new photosets that she has added this month mesmerized me. Wow, this girl has been busy! Wait until you see her latest pictures… actually you’re seeing some of them right now, as these samples are from her newest photos. Hot, uh?


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December 8th, 2006
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Today I have a new Oriental girl for you: Yua Aida. One of the hottest Japanese nude models that you can get your hands on nowadays. And definitely one of the most uninhibitted ones. This chick is making waves in the Japanese internet (and the international one too), by showing her unshaven pussy everywhere she goes, and having a camera follow her day and night.

Seriously, if you are looking for a Japanese exhibitionist, Yua Aida is what the voyeur in you is looking for. Check her out exposing herself at the Tokyo Botanical Gardens in these free pictures!


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