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Japanese babes are amongst the most popular of the Asian descent. If anyone can prove it, it would be this hot Japanese girl, Akira Watase. She has such a great smile and can be sexy in almost any setting. Definately something about her that makes it a pleasure to see her pics and videos.

This Japanese babe looks great whether she is wearing a cute lacy montague or the simplest of bikinis, or completely nude. What is it that makes Japanese women so adorable? I say it is hotties like Akira.

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If there is one thing that I am positive about, is that you guys will fall head over heels over Reon Kadena after seeing these pictures of this young Asian hottie! Just look at the way those tits look under her tight red top, how her nipples are trying to escape, and how innocently she looks at the camera… like she’s not about to set the whole world on fire with those titties of hers!

Wow, this hot Oriental babe is pure dynamite!

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Your favorite little Asian, Akira Watase, is back and ready for more action in her little silver bikini. She just can’t wait to touch her cute tits and pussy for you. This smokin’ Japanese girl knows what men like and loves to give it to them.Watch her expose that beautiful naked body for your viewing pleasure. Such a lustful young vixen she can’t get enough of herself as those slender digits delve under the waistline of her bikini bottoms to grope that wet Asian pussy just to hear herself moan.

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November 14th, 2006
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I know that some people may think that I am a little perverted because of what I am about to tell you, but I have vowed to be sincere with my readers, so here it comes: when I first found out the Rin Suzuka existed, was during one of my trips to Japan, about two years ago. I was feeling horny, so I went to the red light district in Tokyo, and got hooked up with this 18 year old Japanese teen girl. Guess who she was? Rin Suzuka… And I have the pleasure of informing you that I was the one who told Rin about the internet, and showed her how she could pose nude online instead of fucking for money!

So, isn’t a "thank you" in order? If it weren’t because of me, you may have never seen Rin Suzuka’s pics online…

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Asami Ogawa is one of the latest sensations in Japanese porn on the internet. This sexy Asian cutie is not only making waves because of her beauty, but because of her natural sensuality. Well, have you ever met an Oriental girl that is not sensual? It’s like their trademark! But with Asami Ogawa, this trait is more evident, and even more enticing.

That’s the reason why when I first came across pictures of this babe, I knew I had to share them with my readers… I made the right decision including her in my list of featured Japanese sluts, didn’t I?

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Hot Japanese pussy is the best. And that is the greatest thing because you hardly ever see an ugly Japanese girl. Akira Watase is far from that, this babe is one of the finest. She especially looks good in a pair of thong panties like these ones. Hell, they don’t even need to be edible to make most men want to chomp down on them.

It gets better. How? When she takes them off to expose her hot Japanese pussy. Under those panties is a cute snatch, that is a give in. Puts most other women to shame.

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This hot Japanese girl brings the Asian niche into a whole new light. Akira Watase is one of the most precious resources to the Japanese porn industry. With an unthought of rise in fanbase, everything from fans looking for beautiful asian girls, to guys who just love her perfect Japanese titties.   

If you think Japanese girls are hot, then this girl will set you on fire. There is no doubt. Perfect skin, sweet tits and the most precious smile ever seen on a female. This is Akira Watase and she will make you melt.


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