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If there is one thing that you can count on Riko Tachibana for, is showing her tits anywhere she goes. This young Japanese slut is at a medical office today, but she doesn’t care. Any setting is good to expose her pretty breasts and make every man around her hot for her!

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November 13th, 2006
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Riko Tachibana has some nice tits on her. And with that white lacy bra on, they look even nicer. They’re perky and their skin is so pale and smooth, that you would believe they are airbrushed… but trust me on this one: Riko Tachibana’s tits are 100 percent natural!

Going back to the whole bra comment: to see her breasts almost bare, but comprised among the straps of her bra is like watching her say "come and take them"… her nipples are pointing forward, her whole tits are trying to escape, and… darn, my cock is getting harder!


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November 11th, 2006
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Today we introduce Riko Tachibana, a 19 year old Japanese slut who is intended in becoming the next biggest porn star in her country. To achieve this, Riko Tachibana not only poses nude on a daily basis, but she actually gets laid pretty much every day too. That involves fucking cocks in every color of the rainbow: black, white, asian…

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