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Although Azumi Kawashima is quite young (only 19 years old), she is considered a porn veteran in her country. Having been posing naked for two years, since the very day she turned 18, makes her a rarity. In Japan, where nude models retire quickly, since they are picked up as trophy wives by rich business men, it is rare to see Azumi Kawashima still as part of the circuit.

Lucky for us, no rich dude has chosen Azumi Kawashima as his wife, and let’s hope none does… I really hope to be seeing those perfect tits and pussy for many years to come!

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Among all the hot Asian models that you can find naked on the internet, one stands out for her innocent looks and the unique way she handles the camera. Her name is Azumi Kawashima, and she’s been featured in this Japanese porn blog several times. But today, I would like to talk about her modeling capacity.

When you see a photograph of a super model, it is easy to tell that this is their profession for the manner in which they don’t look at the camera, but at some distant point. Have you notice that Azumi Kawashima does exactly that? It is due to her background as a runway model in Japan. Now, if them all decided to get naked like she did!

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We all know that Japanese girls have tan skin as the norm, but Azumi Kawashima stands out of the crowd because of her porcelain-like white skin. If it weren’t for her beautiful Oriental features, one could mistake this hot Japanese babe with a caucasian girl.

But once one takes a look at those almond shaped eyes, and the shine of her black hair, it would be difficult to not realize that Azumi Kawashima is one hundred percent a hot Asian chick!

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Who wouldn’t love to go for a stroll on a sunny afternoon, on the countryside, and find a sexy Japanese girl, half naked? Unfortunately that has never happened to me, but the guy who ran into Azumi Kawashima naked and took these pictures of her, is one lucky bastard.

With a set of tits like Azumi Kawashima has, and that pretty face of hers, if that had been me, I would’ve have a hard time holding the camera… my hands would’ve probably been shaking too much!

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Here is another mixed set of photos of Azumi Kawashima, where this hot chick shows herself in a variety of activities. From the simple act of drinking water while barely covered by a towel, to posing in a see thru bikini, Azumi Kawashima shows her natural sensuality.

Let’s face it, some girls are born sexy, some are not, and no matter how hard they try, they will never compare to girls like Azumi Kawashima who leaves a trail of desire behind her, everywhere she goes…

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I can’t make up my mind on what looks better on Azumi Kawashima, if her little school girl uniform, of the drops of water that adorn her smooth skin. Most of you guys would tell me that there is no doubt that the nude pictures of Azumi Kawashima are the best ones in this set.

But if I let my inner pervert shine thru, I will definitely argue that point. After all, nothing beats a young Japanese school girl, dressed in her uniform with a short skirt that she is willing to lift to show you her white cotton panties


Azumi Kawashima is a slut

December 1st, 2006
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Azumi Kawashima likes to play outdoors, and to enjoy the bright sun on her pretty face, while showing her nude body. And so, most of her photos show what Azumi Kawashima is about, letting her personality shine thru. But what has gotten our attention is how most of a slut this girl is, and how much she likes to lift her skirt and let her pussy be seen by complete strangers. If that is not the description of a total whore, I don’t know what is…

But hey, to each its own! In the meantime, let’s see more pictures of Azumi Kawashima! Just click the link below and join me in watching her show her cunt outdoors…

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I was going to post a little trivia question here, regarding Azumi Kawashima, but I just realized that it wouldn’t make sense… these pictures would give the answer away in a heartbeat. The question was: what is Azumi Kawashima‘s best asset?

The answer, obviously, would be: her perfectly shaped big tits! Don’t worry, I will have a better trivia question next time. May be something along the lines of "who does the wildest Japanese hardcore movies?"… by the way, do you know the answer to that one? ;)

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It seems that I am in Japanese tits mode today. As you can see, these sample pictures of Azumi Kawashima are all centered around her pretty breasts. With her bikini on, or without it, those tits are simply delicious! To be sincere, I would love to stick my hard cock between Azumi Kawashima’s tits and stroke it up and down until I landed a huge cumshot all over her pretty mouth.

Call me a pervert, but I have to confess that just the idea of grabbing those tits with my hands to position my cock between them would make me bust a nut all over this young girl‘s body.


Azumi Kawashima nude outdoors

November 13th, 2006
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There is something about watching a Japanese teen girl getting naked outdoors… it’s like they are so in sync with nature, that it comes naturally for them to be nude in the open. Compare that to caucasian girls, that are always afraid of being caught with their panties down, and you’ll notice that Japanese teens don’t care… if you see them naked, more power to them!

And one of the ones that loves to show everything she’s got outdoors, is Azumi Kawashima. Just check out these sample free pictures that I’ve brought you today and you’ll notice that she fits in with the landscape…

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