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January 10th, 2007
Mai Hagiwara horny Mai Hagiwara tits
Mai Hagiwara wild Mai Hagiwara teen
Just yesterday I posted some pictures of nude japanese girls from this same photo set of Mai Hagiwara, where she bathes herself with flowers. Since this site’s format allows only for four pictures at a time, I felt that I hadn’t done justice to such a beautiful gallery of Mai Hagiwara, and today I bring you some more nude photos of this hot Oriental babe.

Now that we’re at it, I’d like to pinpoint how delicate this girl is. I have fucked my fair share of young Asian girls, and none of them has ever bathed in flowers. Or let me take naked pics of them… Trully, Mai Hagiwara is a jewel of japanese porn in and of itself!

Yua Aida xxx Yua Aida wild
Yua Aida free Yua Aida young
No matter how sweet and innocent Yua Aida may seem to you, I have to warn you that this Japanese schoolgirl is a little sex freak. To the point of insisting in being photographed only outdoors, so that people that pass by can see her tits and her pussy while she is posing for the camera.

If that isn’t a bit freaky, I don’t know what else. Of course, I don’t mind it at all. Actually, I’m quite happy that this hot piece of Japanese pussy is so uninhibited and open minded!

Yuka Haneda wild Yuka Haneda hot
Yuka Haneda girl Yuka Haneda sexy
Asian babes are best at sex! And being such a big fan of black hair like Japanese schoolgirls naturally have, I never thought I would say that an Oriental girl has pretty red locks. But I have to admit that Yuka Haneda‘s long red hair is getting pretty by the week. Every time she updates her website with new pictures, her hair looks prettier than the time before.

And so does her pussy, of course. And her tits. And her ass… I gotta face the facts: I think that Yuka Haneda is a fucking hottie!

Yuna Mizumoto young Yuna Mizumoto slut
Yuna Mizumoto panties Yuna Mizumoto amateur
There is not one single man on the surface of this planet who doesn’t love a hot gymnast. Unfortunately us Japanese pussy lovers don’t come across many Asian girls who can bend and stretch like girls from other ethnicities can (European chicks, for instance). That’s why when we meet a girl like Yuna Mizumoto, who can lift her legs in the air, bend herself in half, and in general, give you the fucking of a life time, we get all excited and skooshy inside.

Now, if you’d like to see more of Yuna Mizumoto doing all sorts of nude acrobatics, just click below and have the time of your life!

Asami Ogawa horny Asami Ogawa site
Asami Ogawa free Asami Ogawa naughty
Asami Ogawa is the type of girl that once you’ve seen her naked, you have to get more of her. With her delicate smile, her big bright eyes, and her smooth golden skin, she is the epitome of sexiness and youth in Japan. That’s why I keep on bringing her back to this Asian porn blog, because her nude body and her pretty face are guaranteed to make your cock stand at attention.

After all, my objective in life is to make my readers happy and to spread free pictures of naked Japanese chicks all over the web!

Mai Hagiwara nude Mai Hagiwara naked
Mai Hagiwara pussy Mai Hagiwara slut
Mai Hagiwara is one of those naughty Asian girls who love to show their pussies. But what makes Mai Hagiwara stand out of the rest is that she always manages to do it in an original way. Take these photos, for instance…

In them, Mai shows her pretty little cunt, but adorns it with flowers. Red and yellow, enough to satisfy your personal taste, whatever it is. For me, the yellow flower does the trick… how about for you, which one is your favorite?

Azumi Kawashima young Azumi Kawashima amateur
Azumi Kawashima Asian Azumi Kawashima Oriental
Although Azumi Kawashima is quite young (only 19 years old), she is considered a porn veteran in her country. Having been posing naked for two years, since the very day she turned 18, makes her a rarity. In Japan, where nude models retire quickly, since they are picked up as trophy wives by rich business men, it is rare to see Azumi Kawashima still as part of the circuit.

Lucky for us, no rich dude has chosen Azumi Kawashima as his wife, and let’s hope none does… I really hope to be seeing those perfect tits and pussy for many years to come!

Erika Sato oral Erika Sato fucking
Erika Sato blowjob Erika Sato lesbian
I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but if I don’t tell you about this special that japanese models like Erika Sato is running, who else will? So, if you don’t mind me ruining the unknown factor, I’d like to inform you that this week is the week when Erika Sato will be chosing her next fucking victim.

Meaning that she will randomly pick a guy from her members and send him a ticket to Tokyo, where he will meet her and fuck her on camera, for 24 straight hours. If that isn’t the best way to top off your holidays, I don’t know what is!

Honoka topless Honoka tits
Honoka hardcore Honoka sex
These photos of sexy Honoka show her tits in all their glory, and since I woke up this morning feeling a little tit-deprived (my wife is out of town so I couldn’t squeeze her boobies last night), I figured I would find some hot pictures of Honoka showing her nice breasts, and share them with you all.

After all, nothing boosts a man’s Monday like the view of some pretty Japanese tits. They make you forget about it being the beginning of yet another work week, and show you that there is a lot more in life than that dreaded cubicle ;)

Azumi Kawashima naughty Azumi Kawashima model
Azumi Kawashima Tokyo Azumi Kawashima pussy
Among all the hot Asian models that you can find naked on the internet, one stands out for her innocent looks and the unique way she handles the camera. Her name is Azumi Kawashima, and she’s been featured in this Japanese porn blog several times. But today, I would like to talk about her modeling capacity.

When you see a photograph of a super model, it is easy to tell that this is their profession for the manner in which they don’t look at the camera, but at some distant point. Have you notice that Azumi Kawashima does exactly that? It is due to her background as a runway model in Japan. Now, if them all decided to get naked like she did!

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